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International Data Protection:

First significant GDPR fines in the pipeline

United Kingdom Data Protection:

ICO to help business with innovation and Privacy by Design

United Kingdom Freedom of Information:

Campaign for Freedom of Information: FOI Act operates too slowly to contribute to the Brexit debate

  • 28 November 2018
    HSBC, London

  • International Report 154 - August 2018
    GDPR: Unintended consequences

  • Afternoon Workshop
    Brussels, Belgium, 23 October 2018
  • UK Report 99 - September 2018
    ICO promotes using certification and codes of conduct

  • 28 November 2018
    HSBC, London

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    27-28 November 2018 - Singapore

    We are now in a data-driven economy. In answer to consumers’ increasing concern and scrutiny on how their data is being utilized and managed by corporations, data privacy and protection regulations around the globe are changing and expanding. Organisations are in the midst of building their modern data ecosystem – aligning people, process and technology.

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