PL&B UK, Issue 90
March 2017

Lead story:
UK Court of Appeal limits exemptions to access rights

Marcus Evans and Yasmin Lilley explain the importance of this recent court decision in the Dawson-Damer case.


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Also includes:

  • Data brokers beware: The ICO may be coming for you
  • Lack of trust: ICO asks for the consumer to be put first
  • Wearables-at-work: Quantifying the emotional self
  • BCRs under the GDPR: Practical considerations
  • GDPR: Time for execution
  • Heart on your sleeve: The DP implications of wearable tech
  • Improving data quality with end-to-end data management
  • DP Impact Assessments: Challenges and recommendations
  • ICO consults on GDPR draft consent guidance
  • UK data flows – what will the future hold?
  • Government reaffirms commitment to free flow of data
  • ICO calls for transparent and proportional data sharing
  • DCMS prepares a UK position on e-Privacy
  • New information from ICO on Big Data and AI
  • ICO probes targeting of individuals in EU Referendum
  • Law Commission consults on the protection of official information