PL&B UK, Issue 89
January 2017

Lead story:
GDPR – a useful tool and status changer for DPOs

Beverley Flynn reports on the changing status of Data Protection Officers under the EU General Data Protection Regulation.


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Also includes:

  • Companies prepare for new regime as GDPR beckons
  • UK government keen to apply ‘GDPR flexibilities’
  • Minister responds to PL&B on GDPR
  • Investigatory Powers Act brings wide-ranging spying powers
  • Privacy breach damages: High Court provides some insight
  • If a hard Brexit takes place what happens to overseas transfers?
  • Is your Internet of Things device The Weakest Link?
  • Lessons from the Dutch data security breach regime
  • Information Commissioner demands FOI extension
  • FOIA under constant threat
  • Online FOI tool for Scotland
  • EU proposes e-Privacy Regulation
  • Denham reduces charities’ fines
  • ICO updates its GDPR guidance
  • CJEU rules on UK data retention
  • Consultation starts on drones
  • Link data protection with cyber security, review says
  • ICO takes over TPS
  • DMA demands jail terms for nuisance callers