PL&B UK, Issue 88
November 2016

Lead story:
Elizabeth Denham: A bigger, bolder, brighter ICO

In an exclusive interview with PL&B, Elizabeth Denham talks about her plans for the ICO, including the enforcement regime, GDPR compliance advice and personal liability for directors.


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Also includes:

  • ICO to remain as a single commissioner
  • Government gives green light to GDPR implementation
  • GDPR will be here sooner than you expect
  • The use and abuse of DSARs
  • GDPR presents HR pitfalls
  • Practicalities of implementing a GDPR compliance programme
  • Payment service providers face even tougher DP requirements
  • Police use of body worn cameras raises DP concerns
  • FOI requires Tate Gallery to reveal details of sponsorship
  • FOI - Right to challenge ICO at First-tier Tribunal
  • Parliament looks to widen data breach reporting
  • DPAs gather in Morocco
  • 500 Privacy Shield certifications
  • New ICO code on privacy notices
  • Facebook pauses processing
  • UK agencies collected communications data unlawfully