PL&B International, Issue 144
December 2016

Lead story:
China’s Cybersecurity Law – also a data privacy law?

The new provisions represent China’s most comprehensive and broadly applicable set of data privacy principles to date.


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Also includes:

  • What does Donald Trump’s election mean for privacy?
  • Elizabeth Denham: A bigger, bolder, brighter UK Commission
  • DPAs discuss privacy and digital education
  • Morocco prepares for Convention 108 and EU adequacy
  • South Africa’s Information Regulator commences duties
  • European Union court rules that IP addresses are personal data
  • Japan joins APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules – does it matter?
  • France expands DP rights for minors, consumers, and the dead
  • Top 21 compliance checklist for Asian privacy laws
  • FEDMA works on guidance for GDPR marketing provisions
  • France allows for DP class actions
  • Privacy Shield faces challenge
  • German DPAs launch enquiry about international transfers
  • EU-level GDPR guidance imminent
  • Russia blocks LinkedIn
  • Fitness bands and connected toys breach Norway’s DP law
  • Brazil considers two privacy Bills
  • US broadband providers need permission to collect data
  • Netherlands publishes GDPR Bill
  • EU e-Privacy proposal in January