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UK is a 3rd country for data transfers from 30 March 2019

10/01/2018 by:

In a notice issued yesterday, the EU Commission makes clear that ‘in view of the considerable uncertainties, in particular concerning the content of a possible withdrawal agreement, all stakeholders processing personal data are reminded of legal...

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ICO issues draft GDPR guidance on children’s data

21/12/2017 by:

The ICO has today issued draft guidance on the protection of children’s data under the GDPR. The new regime requires some changes as parental consent is required for the use of information society services unless they are about offering counsellin...

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UK public sector will be able to rely on legitimate interest ground in some circumstances

19/12/2017 by:

The GDPR does not allow public authorities to use legitimate interests as a legal basis for processing personal data. However, an amendment to the Data Protection Bill, adopted by the House of Lords on 11 December, will diverge from the GDPR by...

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Government proposes to amend the Investigatory Powers Act

01/12/2017 by:

The government has launched a consultation on The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (IPA) in light of the 2016 decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union. The CJEU said that the UK’s law was incompatible with EU law. The government accepte...

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ICO issues more GDPR guidance and confirms that BCRs will continue

23/11/2017 by:

The guidance, issued on 21 November, puts together information about guidance previously issued by the ICO, and links to guidance by the EU Article 29 Working Party. The ‘what’s new’ section will be updated monthly to highlight and link to what’s...

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