News stories posted during November 2017

PL&B joins a group to advise the House of Lords on the UK’s Data Protection Bill

02/11/2017 by:

On 31 October, Stewart Dresner, PL&B’s Chief Executive, joined a small group of data protection law specialists to advise peers, led by Lord Tim Clement-Jones, on the Data Protection Bill. He is the peer leading the Upper Chamber in the Committee...

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Lords propose a data ethics code of practice

21/11/2017 by:

Lord Stevenson of Balmacara (Labour) has proposed that within six months of passing the Data Protection Act, the Information Commissioner should prepare an ethics code of practice for data controllers. He suggested that in issuing the code, the...

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ICO issues more GDPR guidance and confirms that BCRs will continue

23/11/2017 by:

The guidance, issued on 21 November, puts together information about guidance previously issued by the ICO, and links to guidance by the EU Article 29 Working Party. The ‘what’s new’ section will be updated monthly to highlight and link to what’s...

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