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ICO plans to sanction Facebook with maximum £500,000 fine under 1998 DP Act

11/07/2018 by:

On issuing an interim report on its investigation into the use of data analytics in political campaigns, the ICO plans to fine Facebook £500,000 for two breaches of the Data Protection Act 1998. Facebook now has a chance to respond to the...

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MPs: UK should start adequacy talks as soon as possible

05/07/2018 by:

The Exiting the European Union parliamentary committee states that the UK should start adequacy talks with the EU as soon as possible. The Committee says that the chances of an adequacy decision, and a close involvement in how data protection laws...

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DPAs: Full steam ahead at the European Data Protection Board

03/07/2018 by:

The GDPR’s cooperation and consistency mechanism will now be put to a test at the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) which is already dealing with more than 20 cross-border cases. Willem Debeuckelaere, Vice-Chair, EDPB, said at PL&B’s conferenc...

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New analysis shows faults with Facebook’s and Google’s GDPR privacy updates

27/06/2018 by:

The Norwegian Consumer Council says that Facebook and Google steer users into sharing vast amounts of information about themselves, through cunning design, privacy invasive defaults, and “take it or leave it” choices. The Council analysed the...

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ICO sets priorities for regulatory action

21/06/2018 by:

In its draft Regulatory Action Policy, the ICO promises to continue its existing enforcement style based on education and encouraging compliance rather than being an overly strict enforcer. It says that it aims to ‘be effective, proportionate,...

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