News stories posted during May 2017

EDPS addresses DPOs in Italy

08/05/2017 by:

Speaking at the ASSO DPO conference in Milan today, Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor said that  everyone needs to do their homework on the EU General Data Protection Regulation - DPOs, national legislators and Data Protecti...

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Facebook fined €150,000 by France’s DPA and WhatsApp €3 million by Italy’s antitrust body

16/05/2017 by:

France’s Data Protection Authority, the CNIL, has today issued a fine of 150,000 euros on Facebook Inc and Facebook Ireland in an enforcement programme coordinated with four other Data Protection Authorities. The regulator says the company is in...

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May 2018 deadline for EU e-Privacy Regulation may be unrealistic

19/05/2017 by:

The EU Council’s Maltese Presidency’s progress report on the EU Commission’s proposal for an e-Privacy Regulation reveals that while Member States are still preparing their national positions, some delegations are already asking for greater...

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