The GDPR and retailing: Consent, profiling and disruptive technologies


DWF, London

Personal data is now at the core of both online and offline retailing.

Getting it right
can lead to engaging with customers and achieving a win-win value added relationship via upselling, cross-selling, higher lifetime value per customer, and a competitive advantage.

Getting it wrong
can lead to customers feeling that they are being exploited via promotions which some people may consider “creepy” involving excessive use of their personal data causing falling sales and customer alienation from your brand among some market segments.  

How do you achieve a consensual balance that makes sense commercially now, and accords with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the future? With just over 15 months until the EU Data Protection Regulation enters into force in the European Economic Area, which will include the UK in May next year, now is the time to move from broad advice to specific steps.


This one day conference will provide you with:

  • guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Business and Industry Group Manager, Garreth Cameron

  • legal advice from leading specialist lawyers from DWF and Privacy Laws & Business on the implications of tracking and profiling customers cross-device and online/offline, and other data protection law challenges

  • the way to prepare for explicit consent by testing wording for each channel and winning better response rates

  • lessons from Matthew Gaunt, the Marketing Director of Wickes with more than 200 stores in the UK on how the company manages its relationship with its customers in both the physical and digital worlds. In the words of its website, in effect a description of what this conference is about from a data protection law perspective: “We take pride in being an innovative multi-channel retailer. Our customers can shop with us in-store, or from their mobile phones and laptops…… And they can now interact with us and fellow customers using Facebook, Twitter and other social media.”

  • A glimpse into your future opportunities from smart, secure and personalised payment systems and services, from Andreas Klug, Global Head of Privacy, Worldpay

  • insights into disruptive technologies in the retail sector, and some of the benefits and challenges they pose for responsible retailers, and

  • when to litigate when faced with data protection related problems, from the leading specialist barrister in this field, Timothy Pitt-Payne QC, 11KBW.

For one session in the afternoon, the conference will split into groups so that everyone can share experience with their peers. You can discuss how you are preparing for the GDPR by concentrating on the issues of most concern to you.

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This event qualifies for 7 SRA CPD hours.

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